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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


What a crazy week!! It's feeling like a week of Mondays. Phone calls from clients around 7:00 each morning, tons of collaborative phone calls to referring agents, teachers, and long nights seeing clients past the dinner hour. End of the month hassle with billing and payroll. But I see light at the end of the tunnel. Friday will be a paperwork day with no clients so I can focus on getting it caught up. Tom may NOT have a funeral again this Saturday, and NO extra things going on at church. But thankfully the weather has been pleasant enough and the roads have all cleared enough to make driving less hazardous each day when I have to be out. There has been some sun the last couple of days, that always helps.

We had Forbidden Rice with Lemon Pepper Chicken, California Blend Vegetables, and a lush garden salad for dinner last night. That was so nice to come home to when I got home at 7:30. Tom is such a good cook!! I tried to sketch last night but had no energy or inspiration, just too weary. Instead we put a password on our router, having discovered that our 17 year old neighbor is using our wifi to carry on with a 29 year old man. We don't really mind people using our wifi, but this didn't sound like a healthy situation. The woman who told me about it is the girl's younger sister, said that so far all they're doing is talking all night. We love the girl and don't want to do anything to harm her, hence the password and limited access to our router.

I"m off to the shower and will have to be in Baudette for a meeting at 9AM. The social worker and I are meeting to write a behavior contract for the boy who's been refusing to go to school this year. The state of MN has a stricter truancy law, so he's on the verge of truancy. He's very depressed, so we will recommend that he see an MD for assessment for meds. The way it's going it's going to end up in placement for a 30 day eval. I met yesterday with his individual therapist who will begin working with him this week. Dad is doing everything he can for this boy. But he's a big boy and can't be bodily taken to school.

Although it's been a wild week, with nearly 40 yours of work by the end of today, my mood is good and I've been sleeping like a baby at night. I did take time to order a tortilla press and a yogurt maker on Amazon this morning. We're trying to work our way away from more processed foods and making from scratch when we can.

So, I'm off to work. Maybe I'll have some time to play with pencils tonight!


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