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Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Jar of Pennies...

in the penny jar by tlcjd14450
in the penny jar, a photo by tlcjd14450 on Flickr.

Ay yi yi...what a week it's been! Stressful, exhausting. I haven't even had the energy or inclination to try to play with art stuff this week.

Wednesday turned out to be a really long stressful stressful day.

Thursday was more of the same, I started the day early again seeing clients, then in the afternoon tried to get some paperwork done but was interrupted so many times by phone calls about this kid and that kid that I really didn't get much done. I was to meet with a new family at 5:00 and was in the process of putting together all the paperwork that comes with opening a new file, when I got a call from the school social worker, and then from the county social worker, the young teen had talked suicide at school. Both social workers were going to the house as the girl was home alone. So I left an hour before I was really ready. Luckily when I arrived the crisis turned out to be less critical than what it had appeared. The two social workers left and I stayed and had the first session which mostly consists of intake of info, signing of releases, authorizations etc.

Talk about making a great entrance and an impressive first impression with the family... When I arrived at the home there is a huge step up from the concrete steps outside up to the doorway. When I went to step up and in through the door my foot slipped on the door jam and I did a faceplant right in side the front door. Splat! Facedown on the carpet, feet out the door. I recovered and got up quickly but scared the bejeebers out of the social workers and the family. I wasn't seriously injured, just jammed the fingers on my right hand and have a couple of horrible bruises on my legs beneath my knees, painful, but nothing broken.I was kind of impressed that no one laughed. I think most of the other 7th graders I work with would have laughed but this girl didn't. I hope that falling flat on my face was not an omen for how things are to go for my work with this family! I prefer to think that I got the falling flat on my face over with for the duration of time I will spend with the family.

Wednesday night Tom and I had talked about getting out of town on Friday for the day. He was away all day Thursday at a Pastor's meeting a couple hours drive away, so left very early, while he was there he was talking with one of the Synod staff and remembered that he had Synod Council meeting this Saturday and would have to leave about 5AM to be there. So goodbye to my hopes for getting away yesterday, and I kissed another Saturday goodbye. At the moment I'm pretty disappointed and frustrated at constantly playing 2nd fiddle to the church and his church related obligations.

John called from the airport in Minneapolis on Thursday night. He and his girlfriend Kasey, and the 6 other friends who had all gone to Mexico for the week were stranded in Minneapolis because of the heavy fog, it wasn't even certain they would be able to fly out in the morning. This fog has been hanging on for about 4 days now. So wierd!! They did have a wonderful time though! :-)

But on the positive side, it probably was better that we didn't go as I woke up with all kinds of aches and pains in places I didn't realize I'd jarred, stretched or pulled when I fell on Thursday night. And the fog was still as thick as pea soup in the morning. We did go out for a hearty FRIED breakfast at MaMa's Cafe in celebration of my FRIED-DAY. He had to deposit his paycheck so we went into Baudette after that to buy groceries for the next couple of weeks, and to go to the Pharmacy to see if they hand any Arnica for the bruises on my leg. (Of course they did NOT, but Aspercreme is helping with the aches and healing). He bought me a lovely Lavender Vanilla Yankee Candle, and Cherry Juju hearts. I came home and put on pajamas, climbed into the recliner, put on lovely music, snuggled under a throw, was joined by Bear while I read a fluffy book until I drifted off into a 2 hr. nap. We are STILL without an oven, the guy to whom Roger (from the church) took the oven to fix, had still not even looked at it, let alone started to work on it, so Roger told Tom he was calling around to get estimates/bids places that might have an oven that would fit in the opening in the cabinet where the old one was, . So who knows how much longer it will be before I have an oven? I made Tom buy and cook pizza over at church in the church oven last night. He brought it home in an insulated bag, making it funny by knocking on the door and when I opened it saying, you ordered a pizza? Almost quicker than Dominos! (If we had Dominos, or anywhere that would deliver pizza!)

But now that I have vented, I am going to get on with the day. I've been up 2 1/2 hrs, and the rest of the day awaits. Cold pizza and coffee in a quiet house was a blissful way to start the day. I'm sitting here sorting through all the possibilities for how to spend the rest of the day. It's like playing with a jar full of shiny copper many possibilities! On what will I spend each moment today? A bit of cleaning, exercise, art, napping, watching movies, take an online art class later in the day? All those "pennies" waiting to be spent...I'm rich this morning!

Life is good!

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