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Friday, February 10, 2012


"THE TREE" by northwoodsluna
"THE TREE", a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

This is "THE TREE". We do not refer to it as "the Christmas Tree" or "the holiday tree", simply "the tree". It exists to bring me happiness and giggles and to remind me to celebrate every day of life!

Today while I was at work Tom took off the blue lights, crystal snowflakes, silver ribbon garlands and bells., He replaced them with white lights and red and purple heart garlands. It's fun! Nice to come home to :-)

What a week it's been! So glad it's Friday. But I did have an awesome day today. I got up really early and made a dent in Lunch consult with the Delightful Dr. D. and Anna back from maternity leave. So fun to hear from her about her newest little boy, now nearly 3 months old. How I've missed her! I think we must have hugged about 4 times!

After lunch consult I stayed to meet my friend Julie S. for coffee. We'd not gotten together in a year! We were college freshmen at the same time back in 91/92, she about 20 years younger than I. After we moved farther north in 1995 we actually became colleagues, she working for Roseau County Social Services as a child protection worker, me working as intensive in-home family counselor to whom she referred the families on her caseload for family counseling. She's since left Social Services, and like myself, has been through some major life changes.She is an amazing, bright, beautiful young woman whom I'm so happy to call friend! How I enjoyed the visit over coffee! I would have loved to stay for hours more!

I stopped to buy fresh fruits and veggies on the way home and ran into Kendra, my other colleague from the agency, also on maternity leave. It was wonderful to see her! She will be back to work around March 1st. Anna told me that Kendra's little boy Callen had struggled a lot the first 3 weeks after he was born about 5 weeks early, but all is well now.

I got home and helped bring in the groceries I bought, we just bought a bunch of stuff on Monday but needed fresh fruits and veggies, and I had to pick up couscous for tomorrow.

Tom had started laundry today and had clean jammies waiting for me to change into when I got home, he made me a Captain 'n Diet Coke and all is well. We had leftovers from last night's dinner of Indonesian Curried Bean Stew and brown rice for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow at church a woman is coming to demonstrate belly dancing at the church next door. There is a Mideastern potluck after. It should be fun! Although I have to say I had looked forward to spending a Saturday with Tom before this came up.

Bring on the weekend!!

Life is good!

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