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Monday, January 23, 2012

Wildflowers Bloom Where They're Planted: January 16

A wildflower doesnt complain about where it's planted.It just goes about the business of blooming. It brings beauty and delight wherever it pops up, even in unexpected places where it was never expected that anything would grow.I doubt it would give much thought to discontent or what it doesn't have, or what it can never be. A wildflower blooms for just a fleeting wrinkle in time. It blooms because it must, with all it's might, tilting its fragile face to the warmth of the sun, drawing nurture from the earth where it has rooted. It does not compare itself with the lily or the rose, it is in love with being a wildflower, unconcerned whether or not it is seen, acknowledged, appreciated. What if women were like wildflowers, in love with themselves and their unique bloom, not caught up in the should haves or might have beens, but accepting and reveling in who, what, and where they were? What if all women had the audacity to bloom where they're planted? I have been complaining to myself sometimes lately, about where I live (as much as I love it here it's so far from our children, and from conveniences and cultural opportunities different from those offered locally), and it gets a bit lonely here for me sometimes, partially my own doing by not allowing most people too close to me because of Tom's position and my own employment. We don't socialize much other than with one family that we've become close to, but even my friends don't really know me like others far away do. So I gave my luscious hiney a nudge and decided to get off the pity pot. Usually I get discontented when I'm not happy with something about myself. Doing some soul work these days. So I'm not waiting until spring to plant wildflowers in my soul and heart. I'm back to the business of blooming. Usually I find that if I PLAY I feel better.
I left the house a bit before 10 this morning to drive to Warroad; it was after 1:00 after I got everything hauled in and put away, so much of the day was already shot . I stopped at the Dollar Store to buy some art supplies (simple things like watercolors, colored pencils, construction paper, tissue paper, markers, basic stuff) to send to my friend Denise for the school where she works. With budget cuts, art supplies are one of the things that she said that the school needs. The school is a school for blind and severely vision impaired students. I'm going to go through my own stash to see what else I can send. I went grocery shopping after that and bought a trunk full of groceries, mostly fresh fruits and veggies, some staples, a bit of meat (turkey and chicken), beans to cook up and freeze. Wow, it was an expensive trip but it had been months since we stocked the fridge and cupboard. We end up spending less when we have our usual foodstuffs already. I tend to make what I have, once and a while we crave beef, so buy that at our store uptown. I didn't go to the shop where I intended to buy some more pens for journaling and art, I'd already spent a lot of money to suppor the local economy. Ha! I still have some pens I can use, so it's that urgent. I'll look in Roseau when I am there on Friday for consult wit Dr. D.

30 minutes before the couple who were supposed to meet with Tom this afternoon called to cancel, GRRRRRR!!!!! He and I could have gone out of town for the day after all.
I came home and changed into jammies, it's so cold this week after our milder temps of the month thus far, more like what is normal for us in January here in the northwoods. After I got home I had a sad moment when I realzed that I'd lost one of my earrings today, a snowman, this was only the 3rd time I'd worn them. I really liked them. But I am not so attached to things as I once was so perhaps I will find it. I think that I have to start investing in earrings that clasp rather than just hook into my ears, re reset earrings onto that kind of fixing. I finished a journal page I had started this morning after I got home and started another. I'm in the mood to do hearts today. I curled up on the recliner with Bear reading a new paperback I bought today, some fluffy suspense/romance ( but not the breathy or smutty stuff so many are, Christine Feehan's Sea Haven series always has plot and vivid characters) I don't read her vampire series, only her things that are slightly paranormal or magical. A guilty pleasure of mine. I've started playing with watercolor crayons on a page and made a stencil to spray some watercolors on the page later.
I ordered some more golden soft gel medium from Dick Blick this afternoon, I'm about out, nothing works as well as theirs for much of the mixed media journaling I do. All I can find locally is Modge Podge and Liquitex which both work fine for some of the stuff, but Golden is just so awesome. I also ordered some Strathmore mixed media journals to fill, water brushes, and Derwent Inktense pencils. I love the things I've seen that people have used them on. Since I'm enjoying pencils so much now Tom encouraged me to spend the money on myself. I should have ordered pens for journaling while I was at it. Duh!! They have free shipping right now on orders of $99. I'm still looking for the "perfect book" to put my 60th year items into, or pictures of, them, letters, cards, etc. I'm not sure what exactly I want to use. I had an expandable photo album that I thought I would use, but I'm not so crazy about it. I guess I may just end up making/binding a book. The year is young!
Tom is cooking good old fashioned beef stew for dinner on top of the stove, it smells amazing and I'm dying for it to be done!

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