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Monday, January 23, 2012


DECEMBER 28: It was a great day! I was up early after a good night’s sleep and enjoyed working on some artsy stuff after checking out e-mail, FB, LJ, and even Tweeted for the first time in weeks!

Lunch with my young friend Monique was great! We had such a nice chat! I miss her so much now that she’s not living in the area except for school holiday breaks and summers. It was the first time I’d been out of the house since Christmas Eve. I’ve really been enjoying cocooning at home!

I took a wonderful nap with Bear after I got home.

I spent the rest of the day after my nap, working on some artsy stuff. I’ll finish it after breakfast and start another project, or perhaps finish another project.

Tom cooked a delicious pot of Borscht for dinner last night. The color reminded me of the deep red of pomegranate seeds.

As the year is nearing an end, I am reflecting on the past year where is my custom, I choose a word for the year, this year my word was “HOPE”, it guided my days, nights, and in-betweens. There was/is much hope in my life! I cannot imagine living my life any other way.

I have vacillated back and forth over the past several days about what word or phrase to choose for 2012. There were many appealing words/phrases, but I kept coming back to TRUE NORTH: THE STAR IN MY HEART. I have been feeling the call to spend time again with Joyce Rupp’s books, THE STAR IN MY HEART: EXPERIENCING SOPHIA; INNER WISDOM and the companion book PRAYERS TO SOPHIA; A COMPANION TO THE STAR IN MY HEART. I have read these two books several times over the years, The first is 20 years old now. It has influenced my life, my art, my soul, and continues to do so. At the same time, the image of the north star, Polaris, has been arising with great frequency over past weeks. In our dark winter night skies it shines brilliantly and pulls me toward it in my reveries. So my words for 2012, not just one, but a phrase will be TRUE NORTH: THE STAR IN MY HEART.

December 29: It’s interesting to me this morning that I discovered Lalainia Lloyd has also chosen TRUE NORTH as her phrase for the year. It will be interesting to see where this leads both of us!

I am wrapping up my “POMEGRANATE CHRISTMAS”, nearing seed #613. It has been an interesting exercise in mindfulness of moments, thoughts, images of the day as seeds. I still have a couple of pomegranates left in the fruit drawer to close out the month of pomegranates.

I’m waiting for the pomegranate charms I ordered to arrive so that I can make a bracelet or necklace to wear to remind me of what I’ve learned in this short season of pomegranates.

It seems that my obsession with Pomegranate this month has others seeing pomegranates too. I’ve had notes from several friends who have seen Pomegranates and thought of me when they saw them.

I have been working on my 4X4 piece for the swap in Freakwerx, the theme is Phoenix. Phoenix and Pomegranate have become linked in my thoughts. Phoenix rises from apparent death in colors of red and gold and orange. In the myth of Persephone and Demeter, each Spring Persephone rises from the depths of apparent death and darkness to new life; in my reverie she has flowing auburn tresses, and luscious mouth stained with pomegranate juice. Both Phoenix and Pomegranate archetypes intertwine in the soul work I’ve done this month.

Yesterday, in a comment on my blog, my friend Faun shared these thoughts with me about pomegranates:

from my feng suis news letter I finally am sending this too you
At this time of year you can easily find the mystical pomegranate,
regarded by many global cultures and traditions as the fruit of fertility and prosperity. Pomegranates are considered to be completely lucky and fruitful
and it's been said that if you make a wish before eating one then that wish must come true. As well, other ages old legends tell us that to eat the pomegranate's seed will promise progeny.
These legends also say that carrying dried pomegranate skin will bring more money, and that hanging the branches of this fruit over the doorway will protect the inner space from anything wicked. Plus, the pomegranate makes a pretty seasonal decoration. All-purpose pomegranate filled with possibility, promise and potential. That's quite a seasonal gift all by itself!

Thus I have reached the magic number of 613 “seeds” and conclude my focus on Pomegranate Christmas. I am thankful for the gift of Pomegranate in my life this season, all it has taught me, fed my spirit, and delighted my eye.

LIFE IS juicy, colorful and tart and sweet like a pomegranate. LIFE IS GOOD!

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