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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Monday! from Live Journal 8-1-11

Gramma Dee by northwoodsluna
Gramma Dee, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

Yesterday was a great day! My dear friend Deloris, or Gramma Dee as so many of us affectionately call her, called yesterday to see if I was going to church. Her son was bringing her. Before she moved to senior housing in Baudette I saw her often, and sat in church with her every Sunday. What fun we have always had! And the number of times we got "looks" from other members for laughing or giggling in church are memorable! It was such fun to sit with her and chat a bit before she left after church. I miss her so much! She used to be much taller than me but has osteoparosis and has shrunk because of that. She was also called "The Pickle Lady" who used to put up hundreds of the most incredible dill pickles that she shared with lucky recipients. Her pickles are the best I've ever met. She has an earthy sense of humor and the biggest heart. I adore her!

We had lunch at the church yesterday, there were a ton of salads left over from the wedding that happened on Saturday so I didn't have to cook and got to eat some of my favorite salads that others in my family don't like so I don't make. That was a treat.

Yesterday afternoon we went out to a friends home, members of the church in town, Jeff and Brenda who gave us chard, romaine, beets, new potatoes, cilantro, dill, nasturiam flowers and leaves to add to salad. We went for a short drive after that to enjoy the sunshine and blue skies, windows down, hair blowing wildly. LOVE THAT! I spent an hour last night just washing the chard and salad greens we got there.

We put the flowers and some of the leaves in our salad for dinner last evening, so pretty and delicious, we wanted to eat the flowers while they were so fresh, and will enjoy more of the leaves in our salads this week. We enjoyed the vegetable soup I'd made the other evening. We had fresh blueberries with vanilla yogurt and a few sprinkles of granola for dessert. Yum!

Last night a woman from the church brought us raspberries, lettuce and some more chard, along with more cilantro and some parsley. I do so love summer with all the fresh garden things!

For breakfast this morning I ate the last bowl of vegetable soup and the last blueberries with yogurt and vanilla yogurt. What a treat! And such a healthy start to the day!

The sun is shining, the skies azure, and the winds singing through the pines outside my open windows. I will miss the pines when they are gone. They have gotten too big and are going to be replaced with trees that don't grow so big, Lovely big spruce but we have no yard really as the shade has killed off all the grass, and they would cause serious damage to the house or garage if a storm took them out; we will have a space for a small garden when they are removed. So it's not all bad or all sad. :-)

This morning has been a beautiful morning but I think we may get rain and heat and humidity later. When I had clinical supervision by phone this morning it was pouring and dark down south where my supervisor lives. I look forward to supervision, she's really interesting, and fun, and gives me so many kudos for my work and my documentation. I've really come to like her so very much! So now with only a bit of paperwork to do for the day, and a phone call or two, I've got lots of the day left for whatever I wish. I do see some time in the kitchen today, I have to clean the lettuce and chard we got last night, wash and cook the beets to use and freeze. I think I'll probably save some of the beets for borscht, and will cook a chard dish or two while it's still so fresh. Beautiful red veined, rich dark green chard. I'm still "acquiring a taste for" the chard, I never used to be able to eat it at all, but I am determined to get to the point where I LOVE it, it's so good for us! I do have a couple of recipes that I liked in spite of my lukewarm feelings about chard. I don't think I will ever like it as a stand alone cooked green. So there will be time for art, and exercise, and dreaming if I get the paperwork and kitchen work started.

Happy Monday all! Life is good!

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