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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From Live Journal 7-4-11 Long Live Impudence

Long Live Impudence by northwoodsluna
Long Live Impudence, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

I love the word impudence, it typically seems to be applied in a negative manner, but I see nothing wrong with being bold and audacious at times. I think that impudence enriches our lives when we are bold enough to embrace it. It keeps us from subscribing to group think, to be led like sheep to the slaughter of ideals, and opens the doors to unimaginable possibilities that complacency and status quo keep locked tight. Impudence as applied to my self, is not tidy, clean, orderly, it's spontaneous, creative, bold, and rebellious. Impudence works for me!

I pretty much took a break from the internet over the weekend. Tom and I had a lovely evening on Friday night, he brought me roses, made a fabulous dinner on the grill, Tuscany steak, thyme potatoes, and a salad of artichoke heart, red onion and grilled lemons. I gave him a bottle of expensive brandy that he has looked at fondly often, but the price was dear so he always walked away. I bought a small chocolate cake for a sweet, and we shared a bottle of spumante. It was a perfect evening!

I did a lot of reading over the weekend, just books for fun, reading paperbacks I'd picked up on vacation or our most recent trip to Fargo. Tom shakes his head each time I read a book, "You read so fast!". THAT is both a blessing and a curse. LOL I just HATE it when a good book ends! Most of the time on Saturday afternoon and evening I spent curled up on the loveseat with a trembling whimpering 50lb lap dog as there were so many firecrackers and thunderstorms. I cooked dinner Saturday.

Sunday I went to church and then early afternoon we went to the Flea Market that happens each July 3 &4. Tom found a couple of old vinyl albums to add to his collection, and we had "taco in a bag" for lunch. The rest of the day was spent watching baseball, napping, reading. Because there was more rain we watched a movie I'd bought online. Eddie Murphy in IMAGINE THAT. A sweet entertaining movie.

Yesterday Tom and I walked the Firecracker 5K in Baudette in the morning. VERY warm and humid, so it felt like 10K rather than 5. But it was fun! Both of us were just drenched in sweat and stripped and tossed our clothes into the washing machine in the kitchen and couldn't wait to get a shower! We had some unexpected company yesterday afternoon, a woman who'd moved away and was back to visit her children. The house was a mess and I was only in a nightgown as we desperately needed to do laundry. Thankfully it was a person who came to see US, not how we were dressed or the state of our house. I was in the process of making hummus for the evening. Tom cooked on the grill for dinner, turkey sausages and veggie kabobs. We opened the package of Mrs. Mike's Potato Chips (a regional thing, kettle chips) we bought on vacation when we passed through our old stomping grounds. Ahhhh the taste of nostalgia! Forever our favorite potato chips! Worth waiting for! Tom finished grilling just before the thunderstorms moved in. We had been invited to go watch the fireworks in Baudette and were unsure whether or not the fireworks would happen. But the storms moved on and cleared up enough for them to happen. We watched them from the deck at a friend's house, much nicer than watching them on the bank of the bay that is always so congested by people! We really enjoyed it. The mosquitoes were kind of nasty even with spray, so I hit the benedryl tablets and cream when I got home, but it was worth it. The hummus and pita triangles I took were a big hit. The whole day was a wonderful summer day! I was exhausted but it was such a good exhaustion. My bed felt heavenly when I finally got there and shut off the light about 1 AM. I slept so well! Thankful for an AC to take the humidity out of the air. It seldom gets so muggy up here as it was yesterday. REAL summer weather, what a treat! :-)

As I have such a small caseload at the moment, I've no appointments, and only a bit of paperwork to do from last week, and so I have most of the day to play today. I'm getting my hair done at noon, and then will do a bit of house tidying and some play in my journal. I'm enjoying the rare summer lull!

Life is good!

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