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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Still Here.....

The road of good intentions… we all know where that leads! I’ve had the best of intentions of keeping up with my blog but time just slips away. Winter drags on in spite of what the calendar says. It has not been so horribly cold most of the time, but lots of snow and it’s been sticking around. Tom is spending more time than usual at church as it's Lent, so there are extra services. He had Cantata practice two times a week as well. The small choir does an Easter Cantata each Easter Morning at 7AM. He enjoys it.

The high points since my last entry other than pics of journal pages.

I had a lovely weekend in the Twin Cities 2/15 to 2/17, visiting the kids and going with Julie and her bridesmaids shopping for a wedding dress all day that Saturday. She found a gorgeous dress! I stayed with Noah and Kay on that Saturday night, Kay’s mother also spent the night so we had a great visit! Tom of course couldn’t go because of church stuff.
The next weekend 2/22, we went to Fargo on Friday night to spend the night at John and Kasey’s. We went with them and Kasey’s parents to taste some of the dishes the caterer offers for weddings. That was fun! I stayed up until 4AM talking to the kids. We had fun with Ashlyn Friday night after we got back to John’s. She is growing up so fast! We had to be back Saturday afternoon for some church obligation of Tom’s.

My caseload has been in flux again, closing with some, opening with other families, it makes for an extremely busy time. It seems like I’m busy busy busy  busy and tired all the time. I’m currently all caught up on paperwork so at least that’s not weighing on me.

Dessa and I had a wonderful art day on Saturday. Next month we’ll be at her house. Both of us look forward to these art days!

Last night we were invited out to dinner at the home of a young family from the church in town.  Trevor and Mindy, and her two girls Faith and Ava  made us feel so welcome and it was a relaxing evening. Trevor cooked Greek dishes,  beginning with flat bread and hummus and Tzatziki for appetizer, and then the most delicious Mousakka and also Spanakopita.  At one time he was the cook at our favorite restaurant in Fargo, (a greek restaurant, Santa Lucia).   We had so much fun!! But I don’t know what was up with my sleeping! I slept all night, woke up about 6:30, sat in the recliner to drink a cup of coffee and the next thing I knew it was almost noon! We had leftover Mousakka for lunch this morning. Yum!

I’m invited to 2 baby showers this weekend. One is for Mindy who’s having a little boy in July, the other is for Jill who just had a baby girl. She named the baby Ksana. Interesting name :-)

My office is a mess so I’m going to work on cleaning it up before leaving to see clients this evening.  I feel like I could just go back to sleep!


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