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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our Holiday Tree

Our Holiday Tree by northwoodsluna
Our Holiday Tree, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

Brrrrr!!! It's cold here. It looks and feels more like December, so yesterday we were motivated to decorate our holiday tree for Autumn/Halloween/Samhain. I'm glad the weather man has said that we will have more seasonable temps, a bit warmer, next week. Thursday was ughly! Nasty winds, rain, snow, sleet, ice. I made a big pot of Lentil, wildrice and vegetable soup. On Wednesday night for dinner I made a double pot of lentil and wild rice taco filling. It made a great addition to the vegetable soup I had planned for Thursday. We still have plenty of both left for today or tomorrow. Yesterday I was late getting home from seeing clients so picked up a favorite pizza for our dinner. I was chilled to the bone and worn out so spent the evening wrapped up watching TV. I went to bed early but woke up a couple of hours later creeped out by a boxelder bug crawling on me in bed. I hope this weather has killed most of those dirty bugs! They've been everywhere this year! I did get back to sleep eventually.

Yesterday I closed with a family who has come so far. The 7 year old I worked with sobbed uncontrollably at the news that I wasn't coming back again. It made me sad too. "Who's going to help me with my problems, and who's going to help me be good now?" After she calmed down I got her to fill out a closing survey/tool, she signed her name and then wrote, "I love Mom and Maripat". So sweet! While I was at that house one of the older sisters friends was there for a sleepover and asked me when I was coming back to her family's house again? She said she thought that her family needed me to come again. A little awkward. So much for confidentiality! :-)

I've got a couple of art projects to work on this weekend. I should do some housework. But after so many weeks of not having any time for art I think that is going to take the majority of my time this weekend.

I hope all are having a wonderful Saturday!



  1. Life is good ;o) Love your tree ;o) I can't wait for my turkey on Monday ;o) Thanks for the Happy Thanksgiving wishes ;o) Your bug is yucky! LOL! Take Care ;o)