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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fairy Feast 8/22/12

My friend BeccaBecca Modeling her new Fairy Crown and Fairy Skirt.Queen of the FairiesBaking Crescent Moon RollsDecorating the Fairy CakesFairy Feast
Fairy Cakes and CreamStory TimeFairy Dog

Fairy Feast 8/22/12, a set on Flickr.

I had a lovely day today!

I'd been promising my young friend Becca, all summer, that we'd spend the day together "soon". The summer was so crazy busy with work. I kept today open so that I could finally have her come for the day. Her Mom dropped her off at around 8:30 this morning. We two drove to Warroad. First stop the variety store where we bought tulle, fabric flowers and ribbon. She didn't know what they were for at that point. She was so excited to go there, they have a few pets and fish so we spent time looking at them. I bought a package of littlest pets for her and her sister to share, and a "tube" of small trucks for her brothers to share. From there we went to the library, but it was closed. Then to the dollar store to score a pair fo pink fairy wings. Then to the grocery store to buy some food for the "fairy feast".

After we got home we played with some fairy dolls I have that I often use with young clients. The littlest pets from the store became the fairy pets. While Becca and I watched CORALINE I worked on getting the fairy crown started, I allowed her to help. She did a great job! Then she wanted to watch Shrek, so while she watched that I sewed the tulle into a skirt for her. Becca is really tall for her age, already taller than her 8 year old sister, so the little fairy skirts in the dress up sections don't fit her. She was so thrilled to have a fairy skirt of her own!

After she was properly dressed as Queen of the Fairies, we had a Fairy Feast in her honor. While Tom read her a story I cleaned off the table and printed some Fairy Queen Coloring pages for her to take home along with a box of colored pencils.

I took her home shortly after 5. I'm exhausted!!!!

These are the things I'd love to do with my granddaughter Ashlyn, maybe someday. :-(

I am a bit weepy and crabby. I want a cigarette! Grrrrrr. Day 1 is tough! I can only hope that tomorrow is better!

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