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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Wish In The Woods Studio!

The studio is now unpacked and ready to go. I still need to put up artwork on the walls. The dream becomes reality!

I intended to get so much done yesterday but my allergies kicked up bigtime yesterday morning. I took a Benedryl that knocked me out for the rest of the morning. I ended up not going to church. I woke up after noon.

I spent the rest of the day finishing unpacking the boxes from the move from my kitchen to my new studio upstairs. I still have a big cupboard downstairs to sort out and move stuff from, but the essentials are all in the studio now and after sorting things out yesterday I now know where all my supplies are!! I was too tired after working all day to actually go make something there. But at least now I know I can start something and leave it out til I finish it! I want to get a different table eventually but since this room will also be a sort of guest room I'll need to be able to fold up the table to accomadate the inflatable queen size bed we bought. I'm so excited!!!

I don't see any clients today, working on paperwork most of the day. I'll be done seeing clients on Thursday this week if all goes as planned! That will give me Friday to finish paperwork and get it in the mail Saturday so I can put it all behind me when I leave on Sunday afternoon.



  1. that's so exciting. having dedicated art space made such a huge difference for me - not only in terms of the quantity and quality of my art, but in my vastly improved mental health and happiness :)
    may you have many happy days of art making ahead of you.

  2. Your art space is looking great! So happy for you!