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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

40 Years...

Sunday July 1, was our 40th wedding anniversary, we both agree that knowing what we know now we'd still do it over again. That's the great thing about hindsight, you see not only the pain and the hardships, the hurts and disappointments, you also see the joys and the rewards of sticking it out. We have been very fortunate. When we got married, there were those who didn't believe it would last, and told us so. We did not have two nickels to rub together and had a new baby within the first year, a second baby in the next year. We were young and stupid, I at 20, Tom at almost 22, and idealistic enough to actually live on love, as tough as it was at times. They have been mostly good years, there are always difficult years in life whether partnered or single, but I married my best friend and that friendship has endured. He was the best father imaginable for our three children, and is an awesome grampa. How fortunate I was to have found a partner who is sensitive, loving, forgiving, bright, interesting, who adores me warts and all!

We did nothing elaborate to celebrate, work duties kept us from planning a getaway, so difficult when he has to work EVERY weekend, and I have to work during the week. We did plan on getting away for the day on Monday but he had a parishioner who was dying, so he had to tend to her. We cooked some fine steaks on the grill for dinner, he watched baseball while I worked on journal pages for a round robin I was falling behind on.  It was a very relaxing day!

About 8PM Sunday evening there was a ruckus outside our door, people pounding on the house, banging pots and pans, and other noise makers. The dog was going bonkers! Some of the people from the church in town gave us a "pounding", not unlike the old shivaree that used to be the custom up here during the pioneer days. We were given a bunch of 1lb cans/boxes/packages of food for our pantry and then taken over to the church for treats and snacks. Such fun! We were very touched!

We are planning a trip in September that will be sort of an anniversary trip. We had thought we'd go to the northwest, southwest, or southern states, but my beloved Anni and her husband have bought a home on Chesapeake Bay and we want to see them and visit at their newly purchased vacation/weekend home.

I will not be working as much this month, with people having vacations and company, the holiday today, there were few who wanted to schedule this week. I've got several families with whom I've gone to an every two weeks schedule, will be closing with another family next week. The crunch is easing up. Next week will be a bit busier but then the following week will ease up. This week is bare bones as far as appointments. I'm happy about that! I needed the rest.

We've had really hot weather the last couple of weeks but thankfully we have several window ACs to use when one of the rooms becomes too uncomfortable. We miss all the big trees that they took out last year, they shaded the house from the sun, but the light in the winter was so wonderful and they were causing some problems so had to go.

I'm off the computer to go finish some bookmarks for a swap. I fell behind when work turned into crunch time last month.

Life is good!

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