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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gnome Management in the Garden

What Professer Goodspeed is not telling us, is that currently there is a virus that is attacking Garden Gnomes turning them into Zombies, or as they have become known as Gnombies. There are predictions of a coming ZOMBIE-GNOME APOCALYPSE. I am currently researching how to survive a Zombie Gnome Apocalypse and will report back when I have found out what we can do to protect ourselves.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......pmsl :D Where did you get this vid? Hubby hates garden gnomes(which is why I had to make my own lol), but he loved this vid :D XXX

    1. I did a websearch on "how to survive a garden gnome attack" and this was one of the items that came up. I thought it was hilarious! Glad it made you giggle!

    2. I'm working on pages for a RR journal and decided to use Gnombies as that idea tickled me so! When I finish the page I'll post to Butterfly Effect's Gnome challenge. Ha! I've got some really cute gnombies waiting to land on the page.