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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It's Wednesday, midway through the week, the long weekend in sight! Still treading water in a sea of paperwork and family counseling sessions, but feeling like the riptide is not carrying me away from the shore. I've managed to work some art time into the days so am feeling a bit better.

I've a couple of friends who are going through some harrassment at work with coworkers and management, so this is for my anamcara Anni and T'sing: I hope it makes them smile as much as it made me smile to play with words this morning.

Hope your Wednesday's not vexing 
or I'll begin hexing,
all  "toads and mosquitoes"
that tax you,

They've a date with their Karma
for all that they've harmed ya,
they wait for the swing of her bat.

Now as for me, I'm off to the salt mines, carry on and play nice today!



  1. Coooool! :D I'm sure they'll appreciate this wonderful gesture of support :D XXX

  2. Thanks Gina, I love playing with rhyme now and again. It makes my inner girl giggle. :-)

  3. I agree with Gina. I be they will like this, smile at the words and appreciate what it means. I know, I would ;-)