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Monday, January 23, 2012


Since I fell asleep so early last night I woke up way too early this morning, at around 3AM. Oh well, it gave me time to catch up on reading Live Journal and to respond to a few personal e-mails, several work e-mails, and to write out a few of the remaining Christmas cards.

I think I’ve completed sending my cards to people. I will not get to everyone I wanted to send one too, but I am calling it ENOUGH. I will maybe send a few more out as I have a few Christmas stamps left in the last of the 4 books I bought.

John called this morning asking for help downloading a picture of him and Ashlyn from last Friday, so he could print it and frame it to send to my mom for Christmas. Flickr said that he could not download it and he couldn’t grab it off of Facebook either. So I e-mailed it to him.

I arrived at a client’s home for our 1:00 PM appointment; it does not bode well when you see County Social Services vehicles, Police Cars and numerous other cars there. I hate UGHLY, especially right before Christmas. :-(

After everyone cleared out I met with my client and got the story. Thank goddess she called the cops THIS TIME.

I stopped by Social Services to meet with the Child Protection worker after that. Ay yi yi!

When I got to my 3:00 it was obvious that it wasn’t going to work to meet. So I only stayed a little while which meant I could come home to have a cup of tea and work on paperwork before leaving for my final appointment of the day.

My 5:30 appointment was fun. We played a therapeutic game and the family opened some of the treats I’d brought in their giftie bag. Noted improvements in the family after

Tom had chicken vegetable soup and dumplings waiting for me for dinner tonight. He made the chicken soup from scratch before he left for his Bible Study! Nice to come home to a hot meal on such a dark cold night! The house smelled amazing when I walked in.

I had every candle in the house lit tonight in honor of the eve of Solstice.

After I ate dinner I watched a Christmas movie on Lifetime network.

As is becoming the habit, I fell asleep in the recliner again.

Tracking packages, both of the orders for Tom’s gifts are in Bemidji MN now, so I should have them either today or tomorrow. Happy!!

I love looking at photos on FB of friends united with their kids for the holiday. My friend Dale has both of his sons home safe! Travis from his missionary post in Africa, Joseph newly returned from Iraq. Happy for Dale!

I’m trying not to think about not having any of the kids here for Christmas Eve/Day

Tom brought home fudge and a small fruitcake gifts from a woman in his Bible Study. Judy makes the best fruit cake! So moist and full of those yummy candied fruits! (Oh and being soaked in rum doesn’t hurt any! LOL) I don’t eat any other fruit cake, just hers.

One more “sleep” ‘til vacation!

Tomorrow I get to work in my PJs!

Vacation is less than 24 hrs away.


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