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Monday, January 23, 2012


I survived the Annual Meeting yesterday without smiting anyone. :-) As predicted, the old toad had to speak. Her speech was intended to shame people, and instill her own fears and unhappiness. She made her point that she believes that Tom makes too much money, that she hadn't had a raise in 3 years and didn't believe that he should have one either. She went on and on about how she gives her time and talent because she doesn't have money to make weekly contributions of cash. She listed all the things she buys for the church out of her own pocket, and stated that so many of the faithful givers had passed away or moved away, inferring that there are none remaining. It would have been inappropriate for me to say what I wanted to say, that Tom and I each tithe 10% of our paychecks as well as our expense reimbursements that we get from my employer and the two churches, he for mileage, me for mileage and office supplies and a few other work related expenses, plus Tom is always buying things for the church, and helping out others in the community with cash from his own pocket. He does so quietly, privately to protect the people he assists, because it's the right thing to do, not out of some puffed up sense of righteousness or for others to recognize our own contributions of time and talent.

The Og Mandino quote did help me maintain my cool, and I do feel sympathy for this woman. I prayed for her outloud in the prayers of the church yesterday, not by name or by specifics so that anyone, including her would know I was praying for her. The sympathy I feel for her situation came from outside myself. It didn't change the sour one, but it changed ME. Although I still admit to struggling with the sour one. But after the meeting I did feel drained, and came home and slept for a couple of hours with Bear in the reclining loveseat. I could not bring myself to settle into anything for much of the rest of the day, my intention to play with new pencils didn't happen, I could barely focus on reading the book I was reading, more steamy sex scenes than usual in her books, I found it annoying. I want the story, not the clinical details of passion. LOL

I've spent several hours this morning copying posts from LJ to my blogger account. Tom and I are going out for lunch today to get out of the house together. I need to get my billing done this afternoon, and then do some cleaning so that a couple of church men can come to the house to get the cupboard work done to accomodate a new oven that will be ordered. I will definitly be breaking in those new pencils later today.

I got a new referral on Friday so will be a bit busier again I think.


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