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Monday, January 23, 2012


Today is LITTLE CHRISTMAS, January 6, the feast of the 3 Kings. Tonight a woman from the church dropped off our Christmas present, a BASKET OF HAPPINESS, or so *I'm* calling it. Inside were: a jar of homemade sauerkraut, a bottle of fish sauce, a jar of green curry paste, a jar of Shea butter, an organic free trade dark chocolate bar, and a HUGE pomegranate. She didn't even know about my Pomegranate Christmas! How cool is that?? And the basket is lovely, the fabric lining the basket things I can use in artsy craftsy stuff. For the Win!!!

Today was a good day in spite of the heavy gray skies. We got spoiled by our really warm temps this week! It grew colder with a wind from the north today that has brought some snow. The windchimes at the front of the house are clanging like church bells, drowning out the hiss of snow. I went to the back door, it's too dark to see the snow, but I could hear the quiet hiss of snow. Have you ever listened to the snow?

Today is the feast of Epiphany, I've been thinking about the three kings with their 3 gifts, and asking myself all day what 3 things I might like to receive as gifts if someone were traveling from a great distance to see me. It's hard to pin it down. Am I really that greedy? :-) I will be giving that more thought this evening, probably a quick journal page later. I think it's easier to think of 3 gifts I might bring to someone else. Maybe the question should be what rare gifts would I give to someone to honor them?

I got a text message from my friend Gina after I got home from work asking if I want to meet her and Dan for coffee at 9 tomorrow at the Smiling Moon. I'm so excited, she's home on leave for such a short time and wants to see me! (She's a combat medic serving in Afghanistan).

It was a good day today. Lunch/consult with Dr. D was helpfpul and fun! I was audacious (I like that word!) and special ordered my lunch. I ordered a large vegetable salad, no cheese, egg, or croutons, with black beans and blackened grilled chicken, with salsa and fat free ranch for dressing. I was happy to find out they now have iced green tea at that restaurant!

After our meeting I went to Pamida (about the best shopping option up here for non food things) I spent too much money! I bought some books in the discounted books section, printer ink and paper for work, I bought Tom Deathly Hallows part 2. we've not seen it and we didn't get it for Christmas, so he got a "Little Christmas" present as well. I bought a string of white lights, I'm going to maker our "Christmas Tree" (which is currently decorated with crystal snowflakes, blue lights, a garland of silver ribbons with silver jingle bells) a valentines tree with paper birds and red hearts (and then Spring (with the paper birds when the equinox draws closer) Something fun! The lights were on clearance for less than $2.

Time for dinner!!

Have a good night all!!


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