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Monday, January 23, 2012


Today was an awesome day.

I woke up at 6:30, got up to meditate and do a journal page. I'm using Joyce Rupp's book THE STAR IN MY HEART: Encountering Sophia, Inner Wisdom, to guide my meditations this month to get my year off to a good start. I finished the journal page just in time to shower and get ready to go into Baudette to have coffee with my friend Gina and her fiance Dan @ THE SMILING MOON. She texted me last night to ask if I could come into town this morning. I was really excited, and touched, because she's only home on leave from Kuwait for 10 days, was only going to be in Baudette until tomorrow and wanted to see me. She brought me a military issue PT reflective belt to use when I walk at night. Now I "can be like the cool kids!" LOL We had a lovely visit over lattes and scones for about 3 hours! I changed into PJs for the rest of the day.

Today was a pomegranate day, I still had a pomegranate left in the refrigerator to use up, and then Nancy brought us one yesterday, so when I got home I opened up the fruits and deseeded them. I had a yummy salad for lunch with feta cheese, pomegranate seeds and greek dressing.

Late afternoon I had a snack of cottage cheese and pomegranate seeds. In today's mail I got pewter pomegranate charms I bought on eBay, they came from Tel Aviv. The other day I got some small bronze pomegranate charms also from eBay, that were shipped from China. I bought them a few days before Christmas. I had fun with the pomegranates before I deseeded them, dripping their juice on watercolor paper. So pretty!!! My fingernails are a sight though, stained gray from the pomegranates.

After lunch I went to the loveseat to watch part of the NDSU Bison (in Fargo) vs the Sam Huston State Bearcats ( TX), play for the FCS championship in Frisco Texas. I planned to take part in Manon Vissner's online Transfers class at 1:00, but fell asleep and slept nearly 3 hours. OOPS, missed the class, but woke up in time to watch the Bearcats get thunderstruck by the Bison. Noah and Kay were in Fargo to watch the game. Kay sent a pic of John to my phone, in Bison jersey, wearing a crazy NDSU hat, with two small bottles of champagne and an unlit cigar. Kay said she'd never seen the boys so happy. LOL Noah's a die-hard University of Minnesota Gopher fan, but will root for the Bison if they're not playing the Gophers.

We ordered burgers and fries from MaMa's cafe for dinner tonight. We'll have several meatless days now to make up for it. Tomorrow I'm making a vegetarian Tangine in the crockpot for dinner.

I hoped to get some cleaning done today but that didn't happen. Tom is watching football playoffs tonight so I'm reading a book I picked up yesterday. I'm so tired tonight, I imagine it's going to be an early bedtime for me again tonight. I really splurged yesterday and bought myself a small LED TV/DVD that was on after Christmas clearance, (great price and our other really old TV upstairs is going to die one of these days) so theorhetically I could go to bed and watch a movie.

Life is good!

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