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Monday, January 23, 2012


Good Morning Universe!

Thank you for a good night's sleep, feeling satisfied at accomplishments achieved in the day. Thank you for Ibuprofen and a husband who cooks! :-)

I started out yesterday morning working on paperwork before leaving to go to the dentist to have 2 cavities filled in front teeth, and a chipped tooth farther back smoothed. I had a bit of anxiety attack in the chair and started shaking and couldn't stop. The Dental Assistant gave me a radio to listen to while the work was done. I found the MPR station and listened to lovely classical music to help drown out the sound of the drill and to cope with the pain of the stupid anesthetic injections. I think that my phobia of needles was responsible for the anxiety attack. The whole appointment took less than half an hour but I my nose, lips and left side of my face were numb for most of the rest of the day. That always freaks me out a bit, but I'm thankful for the numbing, I have a low pain threshold and my mouth hurt like crazy for the rest of the day. Ibuprofen helped. But I was in a a really crabby mood. I felt blue for no real reason, the weather was wonderful! Sunny, unseasonably warm; it was 50 degrees when I went to the post office to mail some documents at 4:00. We have almost no snow left this morning! I didn't worry about feeling blue, some days are just like that for me now and again, though thankfully a rare occurrence.

Today I am not feeling blue, in fact I am quite happy. It's Friday. Yesterday I finished all the reports and a few case notes and forms I needed to fill out, that I did not get done before the Christmas break. I've only case notes for this week to do this afternoon when I get home from lunch/consult with Dr. D. I will have him all to myself as both Kendra and Anna are on maternity leave. I miss them but am so happy they are able to stay home and bond with their new sons Callen and Dominic. I like those names! Dominic is Anna's second baby, her first, Brock, is a couple weeks older than Ashlyn. What fun she will have with 2 boys so close in age. We enjoyed John and Noah so much, they were 22 months apart.

While I was working yesterday afternoon I watched/listened to one of Amy McDonald's classes online. She is so much fun, I know I've said that before. One of the things I enjoy so much about her is her authenticity and her ability to laugh at herself. She shares her talents and knowledge freely. Such a generous spirit. She swears a bit and has been chastised by people who take her FREE online classes, and who tell her she will never "make it" if she doesn't clean up her mouth or charge for her classes. What BULLSTINKIE!! Simple solution people, if you don't want to hear swearing, go take a class from someone who charges big bucks for a class and doesn't swear! That kind of nit-picky crap just irks me!!! But as is typical of human nature, many people don't value what they are gifted with for free and feel some moral obligation to offer criticism and censure (or perhaps its a sense of superiority and jealousy). I pity them, it's like they reach for a gift with a closed fist.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. I really DO need to clean my house. I've got art stuff all over the downstairs and the upstairs bathroom is quickly reaching the point of disgusting (by my standards). I've got about 2 weeks of laundry to catch up. But other than church, and maybe a trip to Baudette this weekend to see my friend Gina who is home for a couple of days on leave from Afghanistan, I've nothing planned. Manon is giving a class on transfers tomorrow that I might view. I've been feeling an urge to do some transfers in my journal. I would love to make a trip to Fargo to see John and Ashlyn, but he doesn't have Ashlyn this weekend I don't think so I'll save that for another time. Next weekend is his birthday, he's going to a concert on his birthday. I miss the times I could go down to watch Ashlyn when he had overnight plans somewhere. Angie will not allow that, she makes arrangements for her mother to watch her to prevent that. GRRRRR!

Time to hit the shower before driving to Roseau.

Have a wonderful Friday all, wherever and whatever....


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