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Monday, January 23, 2012


BACK to reality today, back to work preceded by a dental appointment for cleaning first thing in the morning. I was awake at 5AM, started working on my self-eval for my annual review that is happening the end of next week. I'm on my way to having been with the agency for 14 years now. As I was driving the reflection of the sunrise in my side rear-view mirror caught my eye. I smiled, it was like looking back over the rosy idyllic break from the mundane I enjoyed over the past week and a half. I wanted to turn around and go back, to avoid the return to work and cares of the world. I enjoyed my time of cocooning so much. But I'm a grownup and so on to Warroad I drove.
Not the greatest news at the dentist. I've been lax in flossing and it shows. The cleaning was painful, I have a cavity and a chipped tooth in the back. The cavity is small, Doc said it will take only about half an hour to fill the tooth and smooth the chipped tooth. I'll go back early Thursday morning to have that done. They could have gotten me in an hour after my appointment but I was not in the mood to wait around and go through more discomfort. Thursday is soon enough! I have some disgusting tasting rinse I have to use at night before bedtime. But it could be worse. :-) I like my dentist and hygienist, I've only myself to blame for the discomfort. RESOLVED to floss twice daily from here on out!
It took me 3 hours to fill out the self-eval. HR is such a joke sometimes with their goal setting and measurement of accomplishment and achievement. For Pete's sake just let me do my job and give me the paltry raise already! LOL
I've taken a break from report writing for a bit. It seems my computer that I use for work is also rebelling about being hooked back up to the yoke for work and not just creative endeavors. I'll go back up in a bit to see if it's quieted down and I can reboot and get to work again on the reports. There were no urgent messages, or e-mails waiting for me when I signed on this morning. My clients all survived just fine without me.
It's a beautiful sunny day today, we are looking forward to unseasonably warm temps later in the week. It is making Winter seem a bit shorter this year. Tom has gone to Roseau for the afternoon to see someone in the hospital there, and to buy a new oven for the parsonage and a do a couple of personal errands. He went to the NP this morning to get his annual renewal of prescriptions and blood work. His blood sugar was a little high. We've both put on some weight due to lack of exercise and eating too much junk over the past month. We've been getting back on track, and now are looking forward to regular food and attempts at better self care.

Flickr and Live Journal do not seem to be talking to each other recently. I have not been able to upload or blog from Flickr like I have. So strange!! But Photobucket seems to be working.

Back to work!


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