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Monday, January 23, 2012


December 5, 2011
    1. Warning: This post will not be my typical Pollyanna stuff so if you’re looking for positives skip the rest. Yes, even Pollyanna had “Alexander Days”.
    2. I am stressed to the max tonight. The house is a pit, it’s been driving me crazy anyway, and now tonight the guy who’s supposed to have done the insulation on the parsonage weeks ago calls to say he’s “maybe” coming tomorrow, and has to get into the house as well as outside to do it.
    3. I broke down into tears feeling overwhelmed tonight.
    4. I can’t keep up this bloody work pace much longer. It’s killing me, and I’m told there will probably be more referrals on the way. Can you say waiting list???
    5. If I don’t find some time for ME pretty soon I’m going to snap. I’m angry angry angry! Too many squeaky wheels in my life right now, I can’t keep them all oiled.
    6. The time I planned on working on paperwork today evaporated into phone calls, urgent e-mails and other crap! F-ing bureaucratic busy work!
    7. On a positive note Clinical Supervision was great this morning. My Clinical Supervisor is awesome and gave me some good ideas and feedback and encouragement!
    8. It’s not just me, the psychologists who are making the referral are banging their heads on the desk over the clients they’ve referred, or whom we share.
    9. Not making the black bean burgers I wanted to tonight, no time. Black Bean chili instead. Then back to work on paperwork and cleaning the house.
    10. Did the laundry the week’s laundry this morning on top of everything else.
    11. One of Julie’s small Christmas presents came today. Wonder Woman cami and star spangled panties.
    12. 12. Judah posted this cartoon on his facebook,this made me laugh when I saw it. Especially since I’d ordered the WW underwear for Julie before I saw it. When she was 3 she had Wonder Woman Underoos and we could barely get them off her to wash them, and it was a fight to get her to wear anything over them to leave the house! That memory makes me laugh!
    13. . I’m tired and frustrated!
    14. 14. Anni hasn’t been getting my e-mails for some reason. That is frustrating me.
      15. It’s too freaking cold today, currently -5F
      16. I am really in a pissy mood tonight.
      17. I have a headache.
      18. If I wasn’t post menopausal and had any hormones left you’d think I was PMSing.
      19. My eyes are puffy from crying.
      20. I want to run away. But instead I’ll watch a sitcom on TV while I eat dinner.
      21. I think I deserve some chocolate tonight.
      22. I love Tom for putting up with my bad mood tonight and just hugging me when I’m bitchy.
      23. I’m really struggling to come up with “24” today.
      24. Tomorrow will be better.

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