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Monday, January 23, 2012


I have been pretty lazy today! I don't have much to show for the day. I read a bit, sat and watched it snow til it stopped, and then spent a bit of time in the kitchen.

We're not going out tonight, we prefer to stay home and ring in the new year quietly. Tom of course has to work tomorrow morning, he leaves at 8:00 to drive out to the country church for the first service at 8:30, the later service at the church here in town is at 10:45. So partying is not something that we want to do tonight. We do have a few places we could have gone to, but chose not to.

We're having vegetarian/not vegan fare for dinner/noshing, a sort of super nacho thing made with lentil and brown rice taco filling, layers of taco fixings and a bit of cheese (hence the NOT vegan thing) that we'll scoop with tortilla chips, I'd planned to bake my own tortilla chips but it's difficult without an oven, so plan B, we bought some.. I've also made a pumpkin dip for apple slices and carrots, as well as a sort of hummus made with pumpkin, black beans, a few garbanzos, jalapenos, chipotle powder, cumin, and olive oil, to be eaten with pita chips. I love the food processor that Tom gave me for my birthday last month. I still have two more small pumpkins, a huge hubbard squash, a butternut squash, and a couple of turban squash to use up before they are no longer good. The shells on the pumpkin have gotten so hard! I had to pierce it with a hammer and screwdriver to put it into the microwave to cook this afternoon. LOL

Tom has his sermon for tomorrow done and posted to his blog so we'll probably watch movies and play a couple of board games this evening while waiting for midnight. If I can stay awake that long! I was up early this morning. Other than the dips I made I didn't accomplish much to show for it! But sometimes you just need a lazy day!

I wish all my Live Journal friends a very happy new year filled with all bright and beautiful things!


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