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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Rain

Summer Rain by northwoodsluna
Summer Rain, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

Quiet, peaceful, thoughtful, content, grateful, describe what I am feeling tonight. I had a cancellation this afternoon so spent a couple of hours at "the art table" before going to work this afternoon and then again this evening after dinner. My soul is full tonight. There is no cathedral, no chapel, that lifts me to enraptured transcendence as does sitting at my kitchen table surrounded by jumble of pencils, pastels, paints, brushes, pens and paper. No liturgy sung or spoken, no voice of deity inspires me, brings me to my knees, pierces my heart with clarity, as do the soft whispered sounds of brush stroking paper, the scratch of pen, pencil or crayon on paper.

It began to rain as I drove home this evening, a gentle rain, a breeze lifting the fragrance of damp earth and trees, cooling some of the heat of the day, and blessing my forehead with the anointing of cleansing droplets on my walk from the garage to the house. Tom and I sat on the front porch in silence, holding hands and listening to the rain, watching droplets drip from the pine boughs and make ripples in puddles. The sound of raindrops on the porch roof lulled me into reverent daydreams and wishes took flight, fluttering out through the windows, winging upwards toward the silvery clouds, carried on silent prayers of gratitude.

It was a lovely quiet evening. I made a black bean enchilada bake that we had for a late dinner after Tom got home from bible study and we watched a TV program we like. My brother Patrick (who lives near New Paltz NY) and I sent messages back and forth on Blackberry Messenger tonight. I love that we are keeping in better touch these days. Tom did all the laundry today. So grateful for him!

I am blessed,

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