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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Outwitted by northwoodsluna
Outwitted, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

The quote on the journal page is one of my favorite quotes by Edwin Markham. It came up in a conversation on Face Book yesterday.

Tom and I decided we were going to go eat lunch at the county fair yesterday and we enjoyed looking at the exhibits. Becca had entered her painting she finished at my house on Tuesday. We ran into her at the fair yesterday, she yelled my name and ran toward me, giving me a big leaping hug (with her cupcake face smooshed against my bosom, I wore the cupcake on my shirt proudly for the rest of the time I was at the fair, evidence of her love LOL) and she was so proud to take me by the hand to show me where her painting was hung and the red ribbon she was awarded for it! Her mom, Bobby Jo came up to me with tears in her eyes and said, "I'm so glad Becca has a special place to go. Sierra (her older sister) has so many special places to go where Becca doesn't get to go." Her sister Sierra is her paternal grandmother's and aunt's favorite, and they seldom want to take Becca when she takes Sierra. Sierra has been begging to come to my house too. It's hard on her for Becca to get attention that she isn't getting. Sierra is a lovely child too, but a bit manipulative and has a sense of entitlement. She's not very nice to Becca. I feel a special affinity to Becca, she's so much of the finest aspects of the maiden goddess, mighty, "direct", independent, strong, spontaneous, imaginative, full of wonder and awe. She says what she is thinking and you can read what she's feeling on her face. I adore this girl! She's so smart, funny. Becca is a head taller than most of the kids she will be going into kindergarten with this fall. She's beginning to experience being teased by other kids for being "fat". Goddess how I remember how that hurt when I was a kid! At my house she knows that we think she is beautiful and perfect and special. Her grandma, my friend Becky, is a wonderful grandma but seldom has the opportunity to take just Becca to shower attention on her. She has 9 grandchildren ages 1yr to 9yr all living here in Williams! Becca is kind of the one in the middle of the ages, the only 5 yr old. I do so hope that when she starts kindergarten this year she has a good year! I hope that school does not stifle her zest for life! I think she's going to have a difficult time adjusting to having to wear shoes! LOL She's a barefoot girl even in winter! What a free spirit! Her grandma Becky does lovely quilling and entered a piece in the fair as well. I think I may be getting that as a gift from her! I certainly hope so! LOL I loved it!

I came home from the fair yesterday and changed out of my cupcake shirt into pajamas and took a good nap on the love-seat with Bear. When I woke up I realized that I'd forgotten to put the beans I'd soaked overnight into the crockpot. So they cooked overnight and have turned out perfect! We'll have them for lunch. The first time I've ever made baked beans, they are perfect! We'll have them for lunch today after church maybe with the oven fried zuchinni I was going to make for dinner last night but after my nap I did the dishes that had accumulated since Thursday evening, and then it got too late with my nap and doing the dishes to start any major cooking project. I did get the coating prepared last night (It's a Hungry Girl recipe so low in fat and moderate in carbs) so it was easy to make for lunch today after we got home from church. Turned out yummy.

During church today, Becca gave me a really adorable picture she drew with pencil of me and her. It's going on my refrigerator. :-) There are few things that touch me more than children's art.

We had a quiet evening last night, watching the remake of THE KARATE KID on HBO. Jackie Chan is entertaining always! We watched while we ate our dinner of veggie burgers, cottage cheese and fruit salad. Much healthier than the polish sausage and kraut and deliciously fattening potato salad we ate at the 4-H food stand (I'm sure it was made with real mayo and eggs!) and funnel cakes we had from the fair! I was entertained by the carnie who was making the funnel cakes, Very young and tired, looked like she's been living hard and fast, but Tom and I made her smile and laugh which took years off her weary (and probably hungover) face. We took the funnel cakes to go park by the bay and eat them looking out over the water. It was such a gorgeous day! I had awakened wide awake at 5:30 yesterday morning, enjoyed the sunrise while I worked on case-notes, I am all caught up again on them now, just one assessment left to write. Just need to get that written, all papers copied and in the mail. Nice to go into the new week, and the new month caught up.

I cooked potatoes, fresh green beans and veggie burgers with gravy for dinner tonight, kinda makes up for the bad delicious fair food we ate yesterday. After dinner we watched Twilight: New Moon. I keep wanting to slap that ninny Bella. Gahhhh, I can't stand the "I can't live without Edward" crap! I think I like the werewolves much better. LOL And of course The Volturi couldn't read her mind! That's because she's so empty headed! We get HBO so we didn't pay anything to watch it.

Tom is really looking forward to getting away for the day tomorrow. Leaving town is the only way he gets an actual day off. We're going to go to Grand Forks for the day to do a bit of shopping (mainly groceries and staples, toiletries& OTC drugs, and Caribou coffee, must have Caribou Coffee!) and maybe see a movie if one of them grabs us, go to Michaels, go some place fun to eat. Mostly just the time to get away from the phone and all is great!

I might be going down to Fargo next Sunday,on Labor Day weekend to watch Ashlyn while John has his annual Fantasy Football party. He's not sure he'll need me yet.

I finally got around to playing in my art journal this afternoon. I didn't get around to starting the wall hanging I wanted to begin. I intended to get up early this morning to get some time in on it before church, and I did get up early, but I was too enchanted with the sunrise to go to the art table. It was an amazing sunrise over the east ridge, it was raining here, and the sunrise reflected in the rain and on the wet grass and streets, and colored the raindrops that fell. It was an incredible 10 minutes or so before the rain clouds moved to blot out the sun. The world had the most glorious rosy gold glow! Breathtaking! I've never seen anything quite like it before.

I'm off to bed with a book!

Have a great week!

Life is good!

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