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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gratitude Is The Backbone of Miracles

This past week Gratitude has been first and foremost in my mind as the theme for the group was "Gratitude" So much wisdom about gratitude has been shared in the creativity group. The other day in discussion, Denise Mihalik (AKA D.Lish) made a statement that resonated and has been in and out of my thoughts. Denise said, Gratitude is the backbone of miracles. Because miracles go unnoticed when we aren't connected to gratitude. It's full circle.

Some of us are doing a round robin of jazzed up composition notebooks. Deb Shanilec posted a pic of the cover for hers today, On it there is a bit of text that says Appreciation (not just Gratitude)

Appreciation defined:
1. Recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things.
2. A judgment or opinion, especially a favorable one.
3. An expression of gratitude.
4. Awareness or delicate perception, especially of aesthetic qualities or values.
5. A rise in value or price, especially over time.

I like that distinction between gratitude and appreciation. I think we can be grateful for things sometimes without really appreciating what we have! There are subtle flavors to each word that do not mutually exclude the other, neither are they entirely synonymous. I will try to be both grateful and appreciative of all I have.

I've been working on the traveling notebook. Ideally it should go in the mail tomorrow but I don't know if it will be ready. I'm not stressing about it. I'm just enjoying the process. I'm not sure if I will have a theme or not. That is all still coming together. I enjoyed playing with the cover. Today has been a day of play with gesso. Love the stuff!

Tom is cooking on the grill tonight. He just brought in the grilled vegetables and we're waiting for the meat to finish cooking. I made a garden salad, and we have cantaloupe sliced if we wish. But I'm kinda hoping for a S'more for dessert. We have all that we need for that. The cantaloupe can keep!

Life is good!

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