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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

GRATITUDE From Live Journal 7-30-11

GRATITUDE by northwoodsluna
GRATITUDE, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

Continuing in the theme of gratitude. Tom helped me with this picture, arranging the hearts at my direction and then taking the picture of my hands. What fun to include another in an artsy endeavor. :-)

Yesterday was a day of liquid sunshine, the kind that wraps itself around you like sheer silk. light, airy, beautiful. It was a day of relaxation, doing only what I chose to do. A perfect summer day. We went for a drive in the sunshine, windows down in the car, awesome. We had lunch out while running errands. I took a cozy nap with Bear in the afternoon and then made myself a pot of vegetable soup for dinner, read, daydreamed, wrote, and watched baseball, listened to evening and chatted with artsy friends a bit online last night. Sacred ordinary things that all give me joy.

I wish you all a happy weekend!

Life is good!

Today is another of those days. I've spent art time, and aside from a headache the day has been perfect. I'm off to take some Ibuprofen and then a nap with Bear.

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