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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Day With Becca From Live Journal 7-27-11

A Day With Becca by northwoodsluna
A Day With Becca, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.
What an awesome day I had spending the day with my young friend Becca! I was up early and straightened up the house a little bit, cleaned off the dining room table that had been a catch all for the last couple of weeks, and cleaned off all the art supplies from the kitchen table. Becca arrived at about 11:00AM. We baked Christmas cookies, I gave her the option of rolling them out or rolling them into balls and flattening them. She chose the latter. She loved using Christmas sprinkles on the cookies, and we had one with lunch for dessert. Amazing how much fun a roll of cookie dough from the dairy section can be when making cookies with a child!.(I sent the rest of them home with her for her 3 siblings and parents)

While we were baking cookies we started a collaborative drawing. Becca started to color with watercolor crayons but didn't get the picture finished. She'll come back another day to spend time with me and finish. I can think of few things that give me more joy than making art with a child!
We had a candlelight lunch at the dining room table, where had PBJ sandwiches, cherries, baby cucumbers, baby carrots and a few cheetos for lunch a Christmas for dessert. (Becca's choice of menu, her PBJ without crusts of course LOL)
After lunch we made a "singing cake", much bigger an endeavor than using a boxed mix, separating eggs, beating eggwhites, melting chocolate, and creaming butter and brown sugar, The cake didn't "sing" like it was supposed to, but we did! I don't think I've sung "Down By the Bay" in about 25 years, Becca was surprised that I knew that one. I think the cake didn't sing because I used reconstituted buttermilk rather than fresh. I'll have to try it again sometime with fresh buttermilk. It has raisins, walnuts, cloves and cinnamon, and smelled amazing while it was baking. Becca watched Shrek while the cake was baking, and we had little rootbeer "floats", actually diet rootbeer and whipped cream from the can, she was thrilled. Doesn't everything taste better to a kid when we give them a straw? ;-) I love this child so much! She's 5, beautiful, bright and has moxie!
The cake wasn't cool yet when Becca's mom came to get her around 3:00, so I'll have to get the cake to her tomorrow, after Tom and I have a slice of course!
After Becca left I made a pasta salad for our dinner, whole grain pasta twists, roasted red pepper, corn that Tom roasted on the grill last night, and raspberry chipotle salad for dressing. We had that with fresh green beans left from last night, and a BLT tossed salad to use up some tomatoes and turkey bacon left from dinner last night. Easy meal!
I am exhausted tonight, but my heart is singing. :-)

EDIT: The cake was a flop! :-( Doughy in the middle, I cut off what I could salvage and tossed about 3/4 of it. I am determined to succeed! I'll try again with real buttermilk rather than reconstituted, and see if that makes a difference. The part we salvaged was tasty! :-)

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